Unsolved mysteries of natureAlthough people have long been trying to unravel the mysteries of nature and has achieved a lot in this lesson, the world still remains largely mysterious. Some natural processes remain inexplicable to us, they are contrary to everything known to man to date laws.
One of the wonders of nature in China. That there is a river waterfall that continues to bear his turbulent flow from a height of even very cold winters, when the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees. But this falls most inexplicably freezes the middle of hot summer. Why? Scientists have not been able yet to unravel this mystery. Continue reading

Seychelles palmSeychelles is growing a lot a variety of palm trees, but under the name “Seychelles palm” usually means the plant Lodoicea maldivica. Most interestingly, the first around the world have gained fame lodoitsei fruit, and then people paid attention to palm itself.
Long before the beginning of the active navigation on the Indian Ocean coast locals found the mysterious “nuts.” Mysteriously got ashore fruits differed colossal dimensions, reaching half a meter in diameter. Their form was also unusual: nuts resembled heart, as it is often schematically depict the figures. Of course, to the strange fruits initially treated with caution, considering their creations sea demons. Continue reading

Living Stones of Death ValleyThe U.S. has the world famous Death Valley, located on the site of long parched lake. In this valley there is no vegetation, and none of the animals living on the dead earth. On the cracked ground under the scorching sun just randomly scattered motionless stones …
But what is it? Looking closely to the lifeless stones, with some of them can be easily seen stretches for many meters track, as if someone had dragged boulder, dragging it directly on the ground. However, as mentioned above, Death Valley is devoid of life – to carry stones simply nobody here! So, they move themselves … Continue reading

Blue sea giantIn the waters of the ocean blue whales can be seen from polar icebergs to warm subtropical zones. These giants exceed its dimensions of all known animal planet. Blue whale twice largest long-extinct giant water Brachiosaurus and thirty times more modern sushi giants – elephants.
The body length of a blue whale is an average of 26 meters, while some specimens reach more than 33 meters. The average sea giant lead as much as nearly two and a half thousand people together – 150 tons. Continue reading

Bloodthirsty floraEveryone knows about the valuable trees, fruit plants, medicinal herbs, delicious colors that have long brought tangible benefits to humanity. We are accustomed to the fact that the plants – a necessary thing and harmless, except noxious weeds to cottagers have to fight fiercely in their backyards all the warm season.
However, in reality and in the realm of flora have their own predators. Plants are not just bloodthirsty. This happens when they have to live a long time in a completely intolerable conditions which produce food for the traditional way of vegetation impossible. If poor seedlings must survive almost on the rocks, with a small amount of precipitation, it is simply nowhere to get the necessary nutrients for life, except from the air. So we have to invent him for all sorts of tricks. Continue reading

Energy forestsAll pagan culture deified plants, or at least recognize them full of living creatures. In this respect, were no exception and ancient Slavs – our ancestors. Almost any terrain in Russia were “healing” trees, touching which could get rid of any ailment. There were trees and mascots, which certainly came merchants before a long journey. Some trees were considered even the ability to heal wounds.
However, the choice of trees assistants was not accidental at our ancestors. Even then, people noticed that the plants have a different energy, and some of them are real “vampires” that suck out nearer to him human physical and mental strength. And it’s not a fantasy savages and quite explainable at the present level of development of science fact. Continue reading


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